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The Students Against Depression website is owned by the Charlie Waller Trust: The Charlie Waller Trust, First Floor, 23 Kingfisher Court, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 5SJ. Email:

Who was Charlie Waller?

In September 1997, a bright young man named Charlie ended his life through suicide at the age of 28. He was suffering from depression and felt he could no longer cope with life. Shortly after this tragic event, his family founded The Charlie Waller Trust.

What is the Charlie Waller Trust?

The aims of the Charlie Waller Trust (CWT) are to:

  • increase public awareness of the nature, symptoms and dangers of depression
  • reduce the stigma attached to mental illness
  • encourage those who may be depressed to seek help
  • alert friends, families and employers to the risks posed by depression and to enable them to identify the symptoms
  • train GP’s, practice nurses and primary health care workers in successful methods of diagnosis and treatment

If you would like to fundraise for CWT – please do get in touch.

Matthew Wood

Matthew (Matt) was 26 when, in July 2004, he took his own life. To his family and friends, this was a total shock, as no one had any idea how depressed he was. Over 400 people attended his funeral, at least half of whom were his generation.

Matt was truly loved by so many, always appearing happy and forever helpful and kind to everyone he met. He was working at two jobs – the family’s mail order business, which he had made most successful, and part time as an environmentalist with a young firm, a position which was to become permanent later in the year. He had a good degree from St Peters College, Oxford, and was a success in all he did in work, sport and play. He had a brilliant mind and was an inventor in his spare time, with inventions ranging from wind turbines to DVT-prevention chairs for passenger aircraft.

Matt had just returned from a holiday in Africa with three close friends. He was on anti-malarial drugs and the coroner at his inquest, although unable to be certain, placed much of the blame for Matthew’s state of mind at the time of his death on these drugs, condemning the fact that they are available over the counter and urging all who take them to discuss matters with their GP.

Following Matt’s death, his family heard of the Charlie Waller Trust and decided to support it with funds raised in Matt’s name. Matt’s cousin, Peter Hughes, completed the New York Marathon (with a broken leg!) and raised nearly £20,000 for this website.

The Matthew Elvidge Trust

More recently, the Matthew Elvidge Trust – – has also made a donation, in memory of their son Matthew, to support the redevelopment of the Students Against Depression website, for which The Charlie Waller Trust is very grateful.

Student Minds

Student Minds is a leading UK mental health charity focusing on the mental health needs of students. They empower students and members of the university community to look after their own mental health, ​support others and create change.  ​Together they aim to transform the state of student mental health so that all in higher education can thrive: Student Minds

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