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This page is packed full of news and resources to keep you up to date with everything going on to improve student mental health.

Students Against Depression News and Resources


This page is packed full of news and resources to keep you up to date with everything going on to improve student mental health.



1. Changing MENtality

Student Minds have developed some excellent podcasts about mental health at university.  Check here for a podcast where Josh Hartley talks about his experience of depression at college and university.

2. Boys in Mind : Girls Mind Too

Boys in Mind provide some excellent resources that talk about male mental health.  There are some superb videos where boys and men discuss mental health, as well as other key resources that might of of help.  Funded by the Charlie Waller Trust, do have a close look at their website.

3. Charlie Waller Trust Joins Call for Government to Support Mental Health After Covid-19

The Charlie Waller Trust has joined 51 other mental health organisations in calling on the government to make mental health a national priority in plans to recover from the coronavirus pandemic. This open letter invites the government to work in partnership with the mental health and social care sector to shape a New Social Contract for a mentally healthier society following Covid-19.

4. New Mental Health Guidance for Universities

In May 2020, Universities UK – the collective voice of 137 universities in the UK – launched new guidance on what universities should do to support better mental health and wellbeing among all students. From the curriculum to student accommodation and the environment, it encourages universities to prioritise mental health in everything they do. Check it out!



Check out these links to other resources which can help you look after the wellbeing of you and your mates at university or college.

1. Student Mental Health During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus pandemic has increased the risks to mental ill health, whilst removing some of the supportive and protective factors. Below are some specific resources to help look after your mental health during the coronavirus pandemic.

Colourful infographic showing the effects of coping with Coronavirus/Covid-19 on the brain and mental health


  • Student Minds have published information and advice for students on supporting your mental health during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Student Minds Blog contains tips and advice from other students on how they are looking after their wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemic
  • Other dependable resources for looking after your wellbeing during are available from The NHS, Mind, and The Mental Health Foundation.
  • Universities UK have summarised lots of useful resources for students on looking after your wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemic.


2. Five Ways to Wellbeing

Evidence suggests that there are five steps you can take to improve your mental health and wellbeing: give to others, connect, be active, keep learning and take notice. Get some inspiration on how to practice your five ways to wellbeing during lockdown.

3. Perfectionism

This guide provides information on how to recognise when striving for excellence at university or college can become unhealthy.

4. How to Cope with Student Life

Developed by Mind and Student Minds, this guide provides information and advice around navigating the common challenges and transitions of university life.

5. Look After Your Mate

This guide offers advice and practical tips to support your mates’ mental health and wellbeing.

6. The Wellbeing Thesis

This website provides information, advice and strategies for postgraduate research students to support and maintain good mental wellbeing during their PhD journey.