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Use our take action against Depression and Anxiety self-help resources to kick-start a campaign against depression in your own life. By working through the modules, you’ll get a personalised pathway for overcoming your depression with helpful information and strategies that you can use straight away.

Each module can either be downloaded in separate individual sections, or with all sections together in one document. For each module, the full document is listed first, with the individual sections listed underneath.

Module 1 – Make a safety plan

Both suicidal thoughts and urges to self harm are a lot more common than people realise, and arise from understandable causes and intentions. This module helps you to make more sense of your suicidal or self-harming urges and to take responsibility for planning to keep yourself safe.

Module 1 – Make A Safety Plan (sections 1-2)

1. Keeping Myself Safe

2. Reducing Self Harm



Module 2 – Build Your Support Network

Depression thrives on isolation and inappropriate ‘independence’. Relying on others when appropriate is an important life skill, and vital when depression is beating you down. It is always advisable to seek professional support if you think you may be depressed. Use this module to find the right support, and build a secure network with a variety of support options.

Module 2 – Build Your Support Network (sections 1-4)

1. Breaking Isolation

2. Building my Support Network

3. Consulting Counsellors and Doctors

4. Identifying What’s Wrong



Module 3 – Self help first steps

When depression gets a foothold in your life, it quickly takes hold in the form of a series of mutually reinforcing habits. This module gets you started on the simplest and most effective initial strategies for turning this spiral around.

Module 3 – Self Help First Steps (sections 1-4)

1. Taking Care of Myself

2. Focusing Outward

3. Getting Going

4. Finding What Works For Me



Module 4 – Healthier daily routines

Depression often affects the basics of daily life – sleep, eating, exercise, and socialising. Problems in these areas then in turn quickly reinforce the downward spiral of depression. Making small changes to build healthier daily routines can make a very big difference to how you feel and this module gets you started.

Module 4 – Healthier Daily Routines (sections 1-7)

1. Monitoring Your Daily Routines

2. Sorting Out Sleep Patterns

3. Understanding Food and Mood

4. Increasing Exercise

5. Checking Alcohol and Drugs

6. Practising Relaxation

7. Connecting With Others



Module 5 – Understand your depression

Understanding how depression works and what triggers and factors may have made you personally vulnerable to depression helps you plan the most effective strategies and gives the best foundation for overcoming depression in the long term. This module helps you understand your own depression better as the basis for taking a more self-compassionate attitude.

Module 5 – Understanding Your Depression (sections 1-4)

1. How Depression is Affecting Me

2. How My Depression Works

3. Why Me, Why Now

4. Framework For Understanding My Depression



Module 6 – Change your thinking

Changing the attitudes and patterns of thinking that maintain depression is one of the most effective longer-term strategies for overcoming depression and building resistance to its return. The strategies covered in this module are based on the techniques of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which has a strong evidence-base as an effective therapy for both anxiety and depression.

Module 6 – Change Your Thinking (sections 1-4)

1. Challenging My Depressed Thinking

2. Modifying My Stress Levels

3. Managing Anxiety and Anger

4. Learning Self Compassion